Timing those questions

Have you ever wondered what the students in your class are thinking as you give instructions or content? Or do you just teach, ask a few questions at the end and then set students off to work?

Back view of elementary student raising arm in order to answer a questing during a class.

Have you ever considered re thinking how you ask questions to your students?

Have you ever tried:

Do you have any questions about anything I haven’t mentioned?“,

“What if you were teaching up here, what else would you add to the class? You don’t need to know the answer – just pose what you think needs to be covered. Tell a friend before you share.”


“In a group, retell what has been discussed and then come up with any extra questions you would pose to the class or the teacher.”

It is important we give our students these open ended opportunities to allow them to develop a sense of a safe environment where they can ponder big questions & ideas – AND feel safe asking them, knowing it is ok to think beyond what the teacher or class is thinking.

Once we recognise our bright and gifted learners we can nurture their style of thinking and embed it into all subject areas.

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