The first six weeks – Gifted students

The first six weeks is vital in any classroom – for the teacher and students and seeing as this is a gifted blog – how can we make sure we are supporting our gifted students in the first six weeks?

We still need to get to know them but go beyond just likes and dislikes. Ask them if they could learn anything at all at school, what would they love to learn about. This will help you to know what makes them engaged and will allow you to plan any independent projects for them in the future.

Establishing routine is important for these students especially if they are moving to other grades for subject areas or working with a gifted support teacher

Social and emotional skills – where do you gifted students fall here? Get to know this so you understand their deep or extreme emotions.

Learning style – How do you gifted students learn best? Look for those underachievers or 2E students. They may need more use of assistive technology, independent learning space or a like minded peer. Knowing how they learn best will support the student and yourself.

Colleagues – talk to colleagues who have worked with these students before, read their profiles, talk to the gifted support teacher and have conversations with their parents. This aspect is most important as the more you know about any past testing and classroom interactions, the more you feel comfortable in extending these students.

Get in touch – reach out to consultants like me to give you advice online or face to face in Sydney, Australia.

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