About Me

I am a primary school teacher (BED/BA International Studies (Japanese) with a Masters in Gifted Education.

I currently am a librarian at a school in Sydney , work online with teachers who are learning about gifted education and also teach gifted children.

I live in Sydney with my husband and two energetic and creative children (6 and 3).

I am a budding gardener, chicken wrangler and stingless bee keeper.

I love educating children and adults in any area I can find expertise in but Gifted Education is my passion.

Many parents and teachers have little knowledge about who a gifted learner can be.

I am here to help you to understand your child or the students in your classroom.

I can work one on one, in small groups, online or face to face.

Please contact me via email or use the form below.




Contact me via email: vanessaryanrendall@gmail.com