Goal setting with bright and gifted students.

All students need to learn how to set goals and monitor them for growth (see https://education.nsw.gov.au/about-us/educational-data/cese/publications/practical-guides-for-educators/growth-goal-setting)

But when it comes to gifted students we really need to take more time to ensure the goals they are setting are not only challenging them, they are also supporting them to reach these goals.

Many of our gifted students will not want to put themselves out there to strive for bigger goals than their peers, so it is up to the classroom teacher to support the big goals that may seem unattainable, attainable.

Goal setting for our students can be encouraged through looking at young children who have made a difference in the world and how they set goals and achieved them.

This website: https://inspiremykids.com/alayahs-love-turns-lemons-into-love/, is an excellent resource to show young children that no matter how young you are, with support and determination you can aim high and achieve.

Give your students the time to read through some different case studies and find some inspiration in some other young children from around the world.

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